Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Introducing our exciting new venture: Sodapop Gang!

We are proud to announce that we are moving forward with an exciting new venture! It’s called Sodapop Gang, and it’s a fun, interactive and educational experience where preschoolers and their families can discover, explore and learn.

Sodapop Gang is an educational and entertainment brand for preschoolers featuring an interactive, photo-realistic and safe online experience that is fun for both children and parents, and including a wide variety of enjoyable merchandise and products.

The main platform for Sodapop Gang will be — which you can visit right now to view a Beta version of the site. Keep in mind that we’ve only built out a small fraction of the site and it would be refined as we go along. We’re also examining other Sodapop Gang products, such as mobile applications, toys, merchandise, games and puzzles.

We’re currently in the process of raising capital to make our vision a reality. Once we have the dough, we anticipate the full buildout of the web site will take about a year, although other Sodapop Gang products may be available in the meantime.

We invite you to keep in touch with the progress of Sodapop Gang by becoming a fan of our Facebook page. We’ll send out frequent updates on our progress, as well as related news and links and even some games and activities for kids. And, we’ll be asking our Facebook fans in a couple of weeks to participate in a quick survey to help guide our efforts to create the best experience possible. So spread the word!

We hope you enjoy the web site and share our excitement about the potential of Sodapop Gang to become a safe, enjoyable activity for children and their families. Thanks!

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